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Chemex Iced Coffee in Just 10 Minutes

Chemex Iced Coffee in Just 10 Minutes!)

Looking for pour over iced coffee that you can make in a Chemex? This Chemex iced coffee recipe takes just 10 minutes and doesn’t even require chilling!

Heyo, coffee lovers! As you may know, Alex and I are devoted coffee nerds. We love the ritual of our morning Chemex pour over coffee. (Two, maybe three pots.) And then of course we’re obsessed with cold coffee, too. We make cold brew coffee, which makes the perfect base for iced coffee. So why another iced coffee recipe? Well, this iced coffee recipe is seriously quick: it takes only 10 minutes! You don’t have to chill overnight or for hours: you make it right when you’re craving it. Honestly, one fact makes us make this Chemex iced coffee all the time. Here’s how to do it!

Making pour over coffee in a Chemex

Making Chemex iced coffee is very simple if you have a Chemex and are used to using it! If you don’t have a Chemex, head over to How to Make Coffee in a Chemex immediately. That post shares all the details about making our perfect cup of coffee, including all the gear you need and a video showing how to do it. Really, it’s helpful to watch the video for this once since it shows the technique!

How to make Chemex iced coffee

Once you’ve mastered how to make pour over coffee in a Chemex, you can move on to Chemex iced coffee! The main concept is that you’ll put ice in the bottom of the Chemex, then brew the coffee right on top of it. We’ve provided just the right ratios so that you end up with cold coffee at the end. Then, serve with ice (and if desired, milk or sweetener!).

Here’s how to make pour over Chemex iced coffee (scroll down for the full recipe):

  • Grind 34 grams coffee and heat water to 200 degrees in an electric kettle.
  • Place 200 grams ice in the Chemex.
  • Wet the Chemex filter. Place it in the top of the Chemex with the coffee.
  • Pour in a little water and wait 1 minute for the coffee to bloom. Then add the remainder of water, for a total of 320 grams water.
  • Once the coffee is done brewing, swirl the coffee so that the ice melts. Pour into glasses and serve over ice.

Note: If it’s the right time of year, use our Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee spices in your coffee for a twist!

What you need to make Chemex iced coffee

We recommend making this Chemex iced coffee recipe if you already have a Chemex and all the related equipment! To make really good pour over coffee, this is the set up we have. (If you want an iced coffee method with less required equipment, make our Cold Brew!) It might seem like a lot, but many of these items are multi-purpose.

  • Chemex 8 cup coffeemaker: This is the standard size that makes 4 cups of coffee at once.
  • Chemex coffee filters
  • Bodum electric burr grinder: We’ve used this grinder for years and love it. For a more affordable option, this handheld coffee mill does the trick (it just takes longer).
  • Electric gooseneck kettle: This kettle is perfect for heating water for coffee and tea; we’ve had ours for 6 years. Or, try this more affordable pour over coffee kettle.
  • Digital food scale: We use this food scale for many things outside of coffee too, like weighing ingredients for sourdough bread or Dutch oven bread.

This recipe is…

Vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, dairy-free, refined sugar free, and naturally sweet.