“The BMW i8 combines many unique attributes,” explains the company history expert, “sports car, coupé or roadster, pioneer, brand-shaper, innovator, future-oriented design. A typical future classic.” The design of the BMW i8 was futuristic when production began in 2014 – and still is today. Showing its age?

The BMW i8 will be able to maintain this leading position until the middle of April 2020. Then the bestseller with plug-in hybrid drive will have finally achieved the status that the readers of "Auto Bild Klassik" attested it only a few months after its market launch. Already in 2014, they declared the BMW i8 the "classic of the future".

Is the BMW i8 a future classic?

At the same time, the BMW i8 developed into the world's most successful sports car with an electrified drive system. With more than 20000 units sold since 2014, it achieved higher sales than all competitors in its segment combined. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics was already an enticing prospect for the future of individual mobility.

The BMW i8 will be able to maintain this leading position until the middle of April 2020. Then the bestseller with plug-in hybrid drive will have finally achieved the status that the readers of “Auto Bild Klassik” attested it only a few months after its market launch. Already in 2014, they declared the BMW i8 the “classic of the future”.

The i8 is a genuinely good car and one we can see becoming a future a classic - but who knows what might happen. When a car goes off sale, it's depreciation journey normally continues - but with its M1-inspired looks, high price tag, and limited production numbers then the chances are values could stabilise and start to pick up.

The futuristic BMW i8 delivers on sports car handling and concept cars looks, all while achieving great gas mileage Lots of manufacturers say that their products are the future, but when BMW launched the i8, it actually looked like something from the year 2030.

In 2014, the BMW i8 and its hatchback sibling — the BMW i3 — made their highly anticipated reveal and they both shocked the world. The i8 was the darling of the two, thanks to its baffling good looks and exotic (at the time) powertrain.

BMW i8 headed to retirement as a future Classic

It has been referred to as ‘the car of the future’ numerous times, but in my opinion, it has similar qualities to some of the classic cars of this generation, making it my future classic!” Mark Williams at Clear Car Leasing thinks the i8’s impressive specs will make it a future classic: “The i8 is able to achieve over 156 MPG (combined) and reach 60mph in just 4.2 seconds.

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The BMW i8 revolutionised how we think about supercars. It was the first to really mix the old-school petrol engine with the new-school electronic motor – to devastating effect. It’s also one of the most highly rated cars amongst reviewers from the last decade and marked a complete paradigm shift in the motoring world – the sort of notability you look for in a future classic car.

The BMW i8, in any form, has already left us. The Bavarians have ended production and will move onto other electrified projects. However, the i8 will live on as one of the coolest and most interesting BMWs of all time. Without question, the BMW i8 is a future classic and design icon for not only the brand but the industry altogether.

The BMW i8 is an odd one. It feels like it’s been around forever yet it still looks like it’s from the future – its concept car looks have barely aged at all.

Why the retired BMW i8 will become a classic

The BMW i8: From vision to icon, from bestseller to classic of the future. The trailblazer for futuristic design and sustainable, dynamic driving pleasure - BMW i8 Coupé and BMW i8 Roadster nearing the end of their production run - first plug-in hybrid model of the BMW Group goes down in company history as the world's most successful sports car with electrified drive.

The i8 is BMW’s sci-fi, ultralight showpiece, a plug-in hybrid that has a range of about 20 miles in E.V. mode. But good luck folding yourself into the driver’s seat.

The BMW i8 is a technological tour de force. It's a twin-engine, plug-in hybrid with show-car looks, supercar performance, and economy-car efficiency. It's BMW's vision for what the future may hold for sports cars. Recently, BMW lent Business Insider a white i8, and we took it on a road trip through historic New England.

On this electric sportscar, BMW i also introduced laser headlights. So there was no field in which the BMW i8 was not ahead of its time. And that’s why it’s already a future classic now that production has ended ( Read more: The BMW i8 as a future classic).

The plug-in hybrid model was directly inspired by the Vision EfficientDynamics concept of 2009. And now, the BMW i8 models are an important chapter of BMW’s history and are bound to become future classic cars. The i8’s largely made of carbon fiber means that you won’t need to worry about rust.

Let This BMW i8 Take You Back To The Future

The BMW i8 Coupe and i8 Roadster are the ultimate technological milestones of the BMW Group, blending in a spectacular and futuristic design with state-of-the-art engineering. The reason why the i8 is so important to BMW is the fact that it laid the foundation for future electrification of the entire range of models.

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BMW i8 to i8 Roadster – An All Time Classic. The BMW i8 is the design icon of the Bavarian company. It performs a powerful combination of 1.5 litre turbocharged three-cylinder engines. It also has two electric motors; one is aiding the engine power of the rear axle at the back portion, and another at front supplying the front axle.

BMW i8 Review – The Future Is Good The BMW i8 just might be the ultimate driving machine. With 357 HP, 420 lb-ft of torque, and a 76 MPGe fuel economy rating, it can do it all.

Driving the BMW i8 Today to Find Out What the Future Holds From Los Angeles to Seattle in a BMW i8 to find the places where the future is dreamed, designed, and realized. By Jack Baruth

The BMW i8 Is An Iconic Representation Of A Classic Vehicle

BMW i8 Ends Product Life Cycle: From Vision to Icon to Classic of the Future. Limited (1 of 200) BMW i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition Arrive at Dealers. Highly modified BMW i8 build. The BMW i8 was never intended to be anything other than a coupe but it looks damn good a s a roadster.

Ultimately, the 2019 BMW i8 Roadster looks absolutely stunning in its very own science-fiction style. Thanks to the retuned steering, it now drives a little more emotionally and lustfully.

The BMW i8 should soon expire. “The future is now” is the slogan for the BMW i8. But the semi-electric sports car has no future. Except maybe as a cult vehicle. BMW has repeatedly managed to create sporty icons that inspire the automotive world far beyond their time as a commercial vehicle. These include sports cars such as the M1 or the Z8.

The BMW i8 got showcased as a concept car at the 2009 International Motor Show, Germany. Around that time, BMW initiated the BMWi Concept for vision cars like BMW i3 as a whole different segment. The i8 was the second mass-produced car in the BMWi segment. Over the years, the BMW went through several changes to emerge as the “Future Classic.”

BMW i represents a holistic and ground-breaking approach that is redefining sustainable premium mobility – combining electric drives, innovative materials and technologies in revolutionary concepts for the future. The focus is on a new understanding of premium that is defined by sustainability throughout the entire value chain.

The BMW i8 Reviewed

This inspired the BMW Concept i8, which demonstrated in near-production-ready form where the development would lead. All accessible BMW EfficientDynamics technologies were integrated within this vehicle - a thoughtful lightweight concept had been realized, and the idea of a sports car for the future was vividly seen.

The sports car of the future – now available in two body variants. New BMW i8 Roadster and new BMW i8 Coupe are under starter’s orders. Both plug-in hybrid models feature further developed BMW eDrive technology, enabling longer range and more time in pure-electric mode.

The BMW i8 - From vision to icon, from bestseller to classic of the future. AutoMotions. Older videos. 9:31. BMW i8. Motorvision EN. 0:38. The BMW i8 as an automobile sculpture - An artistic experiment by Thomas Scheibitz. AutoMotions. 1:56. Callux and Calfreezy Lose It In Marrakesh!

The BMW i8 Futurism Edition is a practice of style. It gave the Garage Italia Customs Maestros a chance to celebrate a car which is projected towards the future of mobility.

The first of three ads that BMW will be running during the NBC network’s coverage of the Olympic games is called “Hello Future” and uses a 1964 recording of futurist Arthur C. Clarke to promote the $136,000 i8 hybrid super car.

5 classic and future classics BMW cars

BMW i8 Rental The BMW i8 will certainly appeal to those interested in a luxury car rental that offers sustainability and the look and feel of a sports car. From the first glance this model demonstrates its move toward the future with its dihedral doors that open upwards like an eagle stretching its wings.

BMW i8. There's simply nothing else like it. A hybrid gas/electric supercar with all-wheel drive and styling from another planet, the i8 is a speculative vision of the future of the sports car, with lines that make it seem like it lept straight from the designer's sketchbook onto the streets. Notify me when one is listed. BMW > BMW i8.